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Being resilient is part of having grit. Grit is perseverance, but also the passion of being committed to goals. Those who can set long-term goals and follow through have an advantage in living a successful life. 

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Have you ever tried to bend a pencil? Pencils are rigid, which makes bending one near impossible. Are we ever like that sometimes--rigid, unable to bend? Resilience allows us to bend rather than break under pressure.

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7 C's

Resilience skills can be measured using the 7 C's Model for Positive Development, which monitors and reduces risk behaviors. It is based of peer-reviewed scientific studies and has been proven to be effective. The 7 C's are: Confidence, Competence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, and Control.

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We've broken down our keys to success into four steps. These steps are sustainable goal setting, knowing your helpers, breaking down challenges, and rewarding success.


You can remember it this way: 

Meet Your Goals, Assess Your Support,  Zap Your Barriers, Empower.