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How easy is it to sign on with TTM?


We know you are all busy! We take over and handle all of the details. We offer:

  • Large assembly kick-off with Stephen Koch, a successful GEAR UP speaker. Maybe you want a smaller group to work with Stephen. Or, maybe you want to jump right in without a kick-off session; we can do that too!

  • Online, we handle the sign-up of students including their demographic data and a 7 question survey on the 7C’s as a baseline. We also handle parental permissions.

  • We match the student with their navigator based on similar interests. Then we contact each student individually.

  • The Navigator uses the information from the 7C’s survey to tailor their conversations with the students.

  • We provide you monthly reports for each school and district. We can tailor your data to meet your needs.

  • Other features of the system include .csv downloads, deidentified phone numbers (double-blind), persistent time-stamped and saved conversations, regular background checks of Navigators as well as continuous oversight of Navigators.

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