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Information for GEAR UP Programs

  1. We provide a unique digital, text-based mentoring system to teach Resilience and Persistence skills to students. These skills are fundamental to student achievement!!

  2. Our navigators are vetted, trained, and background checked to ensure security for your students. 

    1. Navigators are background checked monthly

    2. Navigators are matched with students on similar interests

    3. ALL text conversations are recorded and monitored by Navigator supervisors

    4. There is no email or phone interaction between Navigators and students

    5. Navigators are trained by licensed, clinical mental healthcare providers

    6. Any sign of high-risk behavior is referred to the school counselor  

  3. Our software platform is secure and highly regulated to ensure security for your students. 

    1. We have designated phone numbers for texting

    2. All text conversations are stored

  4. We are experts at teaching Resilience and Persistence skills to youth! 

    1. TTM founders have decades of experience counseling and mentoring youth

  5. We provide you with all of the documentation and data you need for your reports

  6. We handle onboarding your students including obtaining parent permission and contact with each student.

    1. We offer at least a 1:1 match for GEAR UP projects! For every dollar you spend with TTM, we match it.

  7. We get your students fired-up and ready to go with a kick-off assembly! Our keynote speakers are nationally known for their motivational speeches!  Here is Stephen Koch, one of our speakers at a recent GEAR UP assembly:  Stephen Koch at Gear UP

Resilience and Persistence have been shown by research to promote well-being and success in students!

Prepared, Confident, and College-Bound!!! 

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